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Toko Rame offers Indonesian home dishes in the Bellflower location for over 28 years, we bring close the authentic Indonesian cuisine for the Southern California area.

Our Indonesian menu will take you on a journey through the diverse flavors that represent multiple islands of Indonesia. With those authentic Indonesian spices, expect mouth-watering meals with a rich flavor and pretty volcanic in terms of spicy!. Although you can always ask us for the spicy level.

Our food is 100% halal and has been that way since 1995.

Traditionally Indonesian people eat all the dishes collectively; all foods are served on the table, given the influence of Dutch culture - Rijsttafel. Rice is the most popular carbo for the majority of the population commonly consumed with one or two main dishes consisting of chicken, beef or fish and vegetables. Beside that it is very common to have  condiments includes chili sambal as well as crackers and fried tempe.

Indonesian meals are commonly eaten with the combination of a spoon in the right hand and for in the left hand to push the food onto the spoon. In many parts of the country, it is also common to eat with one's bare hands.

A day at Toko Rame is a chance to sample and enjoy the exotic flavor of Indonesia. Come and join us to discover the essence of our cuisine. We will ensure that every bite is a journey back home.

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